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Welcome to Ephebe

žShelvin college Student Society, Ephebe :  Ephebe believes in all rounded growth of its students. It believes that students at Shelvin College do not have only to study but strives at giving them an opportunity in honing their skills.

žThis society is fashioned in such a way that it infuses Indian values and culture with the modern scientific approach. it concentrate upon developing different skills of the students in fields entirely removed from studies; like: Sports, Outbound Excursions, Cultural activities, Guest lectures and Social and ecological activities.
žThe Aim & Objective of the “Ephebe” is to Helping young people to develop their own set of values. To nurture an awareness of the spiritual nature of human beings. 
žWe hope to empower our Students, while nurturing their civil leadership and activism. We welcome all young people regardless of their background, circumstances, or beliefs.
žProvide opportunities for the Growth of young people so that they can achieve their full physical, intellectual, social and spiritual potentials. 
žHobby clubs and various other socio – cultural inter society activities are organized on a regular basis for the overall development of a child also to, give a platform to new emerging talents.
To learn to work together as a team, supporting and encouraging one another. To foster an understanding of themselves, others around - in the communities which the groups come from and will return to - and the world around us.
žTo learn to work together as a team, supporting and encouraging one another. 
žEphebe Youth Groups & Activities: we operate community leadership oriented youth groups to promote youth leadership and responsibility. Our goal is to get the teenagers involved in their neighborhoods so that, once they are older; they will be empowered to take responsibility in their community. 
ž*Parental Involvement: Parents' involvement in a child's education is key to success in school and personal growth.  Many parents among Shelvin College's target population lack the knowledge, experience, free time, or language skills necessary to help their children.  For this reason, Shelvin College's involvement aims to assist parents in relating to and supporting their child.  Programs include workshops for parents, facilitated discussions on topics related to adolescence, parent-child activities, and open house events at the local Chapter.  
ž*We help children with school-work, create community-building projects, and engage children in activities that develop their sense of sense of self-worth.   We closely guide our volunteers, using a model we developed and have shared with other organizations. Once a week, we engage in classes covering political, social, economical issues as wells as universal values.