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The Shelvin College ' The Academia "  is an ISO certified  undertaking that addresses the following work areas.

  • Academic Centre , for academic education ( coaching classes in all streams and standards ) our focus is Branding of Education ,  We will give high level of education with very nominal fees to match the standard.  Maths, Physics, Chemistry, Biology,  Accounts, B. Studies, Economics, Political Science ,History,  Statistics, Cost Accounting , Mgmt Accounting, Computer

  •   Certificate Courses, we Issues certificate for the vocational courses such as  Computer, English Workshop, Stitching& Knitting,  Beautician,  Accountancy, Typing, Painting, Astrology, Marketing,   Transportation System & Logistics, Cosmetology, Social work.  

  • Research & Development Centre , We facilitate Paper publishing and Reacher Work. Curriculum evaluation and development.  

  • Religious Study,   Arabic &   Sanskrit

  • Career counseling & guiding centre,  We conduct career Counseling and seminar on professional counselling 

  • Scholarship program ,   We provide financial assistance to deserving student.

  • Education Marathons:- we conduct Annual extracurricular programs to provoke and promote talent such as Mathematical Olympiads (Maths Comp”),  Odra Magadhi ( Dance Devotion )

ISO 9001-2008

Dance does not leave behind clearly identifiable physical artifacts such as stone tools, hunting implements or cave paintings. It is not possible to say when dance became part of human culture, but archaeological evidence indicates dance has been an important part of ceremony, rituals, celebrations and entertainment since the earliest human civilizations. Examples of such evidence include 9,000 year old paintings in India at the Rock Shelters of Bhimbetka !

We present the Dance Celebration in the name of one of the oldest dance form  "Odra Magadhi" 


 Shelvin College was founded in 2001 by Shalini Sharma as "The Shelvin College of Poor to provide free education to 100 poor boys & Girls who were deprived.  

žAt extraordinary academia ,  it is not just erudition that is secure, nor even the 'silhouette of adrift wisdom ' that later fortify you from many mirage, but most importantly the 'arts and convention ' that last for a lifetime.  

We acknowledge that the education is in many ways privileged yet located in a city and country with huge contrasts between the wealthy and the poor. It is therefore our obligation to promote community service and local action to address need.

We are not authoritarian by nature; while it is important for young people to distinguish right from wrong; our philosophy is that self-discipline is more sustainable than imposed discipline.

We promote high standards of achievement and in all that we do our goal is to maximize potential and allow every student to flourish. In this we are as proud of the academic achievements of the youngest students as we are of our excellent results in the Courses.  

We are not ancient institute and we wouldn’t want to be as well. What excites us more to provide quality teaching and skills that makes different to today and tomorrow for vibrant community.

We provide all types of Management and Technical courses from the Diploma to Doctorate level through distance learning. We offer curriculum with industry relevant courseware in academic delivery methodology.

Our courses have been designed for working professionals who have experience in their field but do not have enough supporting certificates with stress –buster sessions.

We allow the candidate to continue studying without disrupting their Professional life and earning power into Business, entrepreneurship and marketing.

Our fast track course helps the candidate to qualify at the earliest possible to reach the higher scale of success, corporate information and community learning

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ž**Strong parent-coterie-shelvin ties, with an coherent support lattice for students.
ž**A student-centered learning ambience that identifies and responds to pitfalls any child may be confronting; 
ž**Leadership focused on cultivating teachers, parents, and community members so that they become invested in sharing overall responsibility for the school’s improvement.
ž**opulent  books are evince (and in use) in classroom & library.
žWeb garrisoned support ; Highly tailored courses.
ž**Latest Management and Methodological Techniques through comprehensive study evince.
ž**Children's Art & written work is displayed in the halls and in the classrooms.
ž**Lead or master teachers are available to coach & guide  new and less experienced teachers.  

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